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Art Commissions Vs. Art Requests

When you find an artist that you would love to have art from or to add to your art collection, it's good to know the difference between commissioning them or requesting art from them. So, in the following, I've explained the difference between them:

Art Commissions are when you pay an artist to create a custom art or design that you are wanting. So you will pay the artist in return for their service to create the art you want. In AJ, the payment would be an in game item. Each AJ artist have their own charges so it is best to ask them what will they charge and what you are willing to offer in exchange.

Art Requests are when you are asking an artist to create an art but it isn't paid for. Maybe you have a cool idea that you feel the artist would be a great fit to make that art idea come to life. So you can request if the artist is willing to make that idea into a painting. Or you're wanting to see if they are willing to draw you something for free.

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